Eduard G.

Eduard G.

Back-end Java developer

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Russian Federation

Eduard is an experienced software developer, mostly in Java back-end and related technologies like Javascript, SQL, NoSQL, Web, Serverless, Multithreading. He is proficient with software architectural principles including SOLID, DRY, KISS. He has got Oracle's Java Professional Certificate. His strong points are ability to pragmatically solve technical issues for long-term perspective, maintain the sphere he is in charge of in a good condition, strong work ethic.


  • Java
  • Javascript


Telecommunication company, Canada

Java Architect

May 2017 to Present

Stack: J2EE, Java Web Start, Hibernate, XML, Linux/Bash, Docker, Clearcase, Github, NetWorker, AWS, REST API, Jenkins, JIRA/Confluence, Yourkit Profiler


-As Java architect he is in charge of backup software for cellular nodes

-Improving legacy software

-Applying modern development methodologies 

Colsulting services, Russian Federation

Individual entrepreneur

June 2012 to April 2017

Stack: CI/CD workflow, agile management, Java, OpenHab


-Providing consulting services

-Introducing CI/CD workflow and agile management practices

-Starting my own business towards Smart House and IoT around OSS Java project OpenHab

IT services company, United States

Java Team Lead

March 2009 to May 2012

Stack: Java, Javascript, SQL, NoSQL, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, Hibernate, Apache Lucene, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MarkLogic, FreeMarker, Query, Ajax, Cross-browser layout, JUnit, Mockito, Maven, JIRA/Confluence, Yourkit Profiler, JMeter


-Implementation and support for project architecture and business logic

-Team building, motivation and coaching

-Code review


Master of Information Technology, Kazan State Technological University

September 1995 to June 2001

Russian Federation


Semantic Search Engine / Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishing
March 2009 - May 2012
Semantic Search Engine / Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishing
March 2009 - May 2012

I had been joining the project as full-stack senior developer and after successful completion of prototype phase was promoted to team lead. Dev team was really tiny, there were 2 developers at beginning after I became team lead I hired another one.

With given detailed business requirements we developed MVP of semantic search engine in 2 months. At beginning we pay much attention to performance, flexibility and maintainability of product. For example we have hundred well-structured spring configuration files allowing to adapt the product to many existing and potential customers. I was involved in development of key components of the system, was responsible for architectural aspects and for technical interviewing of candidates.

The most existing achievement there was development high-performance xml parser which allowed us to extract complex data from quite rich xml documents using declarative style with xpath expressions that saved us from months of routine work.

Also we beat our competitors at indexing speed using and patching Apache Lucene to achieve outstanding performance.

The rights to search engine were sold to Elsevier Publishing company

Technologies used:
Java, Javascript, Node.js, React, MongoDB
February 2015 - May 2021
February 2015 - May 2021

Tiny OSS project I’m in charge of, that is a transformer implementation for maven-shaded-plugin, that concatenates Log4j2Plugins.dat files in order to assemble fat jars. This solution is recommended by AWS

Technologies used: