Senior Full Stack JS Engineer

Posted 07.01.2019
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React, Redux, Electron, Docker, Hardware Devices (printers and label makers), AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Node.js

Company Information

We are a group of individuals that share a common goal; to bring a sense of professionalism and reliability to the cannabis industry. Our software enables dispensaries to scale and handle the customer volume with ease. Our applied expertise in retail tech and intuitive user interfaces have proven to increase revenue and reduce inventory variations for our clients while being enjoyable to use.

Position Information

We’re looking for a skilled developer that’s very familiar with our stack of React and Node.js. You should have a strong understanding of user experience that is communicated clearly. You should have expertise in software architecture and performance, within web, electron applications, and servers. Our idea of the perfect candidate would be someone that sees the large picture, comes up with multiple solutions, and hops in a variety of roles of our business. This could range from improving performance of specific components, creating a back-end service, killing two minutes off the build time, creating an entire new design for specific sections, or setting up A/B testing. There are a wide-range of problems we want to accomplish and we’re looking for the right individual to tackle them with us. We’re a small team with a lot of room to grow and we’re hoping you can grow with us!


  • As a senior engineer at Yobi, you will be expected to jump in where you’re needed on a variety of applications.
  • As our team grows you will rotate responsibility for code-reviews, mentorship, and overall guidance of our newbies.
  • Obviously, as the listing states, you should know React and the Node ecosystem pretty darn well. This application has been alive for about 3 years and we’re pretty happy about where it’s at. However, we know it can be better and we want to hire someone that makes us look like schmucks.
  • You’ll be expected to get your assigned work done within the allotted time discussed by the team. We use Wrike to track our work and generally use it as a sprint-style Kanban board. Generally, we’re online and available for 8 hours of the day. If you need to take a breather in the middle of the day, go for it.
  • We have a distributed system of services and APIs that are consumed by the client application. We’d like experience with AWS as that’s the backbone of our architecture and we don’t have a full time operations team.
  • Although we don’t require testing of our components or utilities, we’d really like to start making that a requirement. We’re currently using Jest and Enzyme for React and Mocha for Node. Familiarity with those tools and writing your code in a way that can be tested is preferred.
  • Understanding design patterns, code smell, front-end architecture, and back-end architecture is strongly preferred. 

Yobi Benefits

  • Employee Stock Options
  • $3,000 Equipment Allowance
  • $1,000 Education Budget
  • Internet paid for
  • Software paid for
  • 15 Days Vacation
  • 5 Sick Days
  • 100% Remote Work

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Posted 07.01.2019