Senior Software Engineer

Posted 25.12.2018
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We are looking for a full-time Senior Software Engineer in Vienna, Austria (or, if preferred, remote) to actively contribute to all aspects of our development efforts. You will be reporting directly to the founders. The role has the potential to develop into a senior management position.

In this job, you’ll be designing and building a customer-facing web application from scratch. This includes managing development cycles, maintaining our products, and keeping customer data secure. You should have enough experience that you would be able to do this without supervision and be able to manage your own team. The core technologies we use include Python, PostgreSQL and Javascript.

The ideal candidate will have previously played a significant role in the development of a large-scale website and has extensive experience with Django and Javascript. Feel free to apply if you have other relevant skills and experience that you think may make you a valuable member of our team.

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Posted 25.12.2018