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Posted 16.01.2019
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Software Engineers are an essential part of Battlefy's Product Team. Working closely with designers and product managers, we implement and maintain the user interface and production systems. We make the most of modern tools like React, Angular, ES6, and even our next-generation apps are built with JavaScript on React Native.

In Vancouver, the Engineering team is building world-class software to ensure our global customers, players, and organizers have a great experience on Battlefy.

We value passion and drive but we also believe that diversity is the key to success for every high growth technology startup. We welcome people from all walks of life.

What are examples of work that Software Engineers have done at Battlefy?

  • Our tournament platform processes millions of competitive matches for hundreds of different games across the globe. By integrating new partners, we can improve how we automatically score report matches and improve how we can surface game stats to help competitive communities improve their play.
  • We built lightning tournaments, a feature that allows communities of players to queue up and automatically be entered into a tournament that they want to compete in for prizes without having to wait.
  • We built our own avatar system called The Armoury, which lets players customize and promote their online gaming identity. Players can also purchase different inventory items like headgear, faces, and armour.
  • We built the Battlefy Wallet, which lets users purchase Coins. Coins can be used to purchase Strongboxes which contain items for their avatars.
  • We built real-time communications and notifications for matches so players can discuss subs, talk about scheduling, and even resolve conflicts/cheating. In addition to that, our notifications ensure that millions of players don't miss their next competitive match.
  • We built a world-class technology platform that powers esports infrastructure for companies like Amazon, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Bud Light, AMD, Alienware and many more.


You Are

  • A passionate, entrepreneurial-spirited technologist that owns delivery from concept through to completion
  • A relentless advocate for engineering excellence, dedicated to coaching and mentoring others
  • A product thinker, who balances user pains and business needs while being pragmatic in making data driven decisions
  • An expert at communicating, knowing exactly how to collaborate with sales, marketing, UX, product managers and other engineers
  • Constantly curious, always looking to learn and increase your knowledge
  • Against micromanagement, endless meetings and imposed unrealistic timelines

You Will

  • Engineer reliable and maintainable software to meet the application and infrastructure needs of the Battlefy platform
  • Wear many hats working across Engineering, DevOps and Quality Assurance
  • Continually set personal and professional goals and do everything in your power to surpass them
  • Grow the Battlefy culture, from posting to Slack about good engineering patterns to playing video games and competing in esports tournaments. You embody our values of one team, drive and sportsmanship

Your Experience

  • You have shipped scalable SaaS products that you are incredibly proud of
  • You have worked in a fast growth environment where your pace and hustle was key to getting the right things done
  • You are a veteran of scaling software, infrastructure and processes to support high concurrency traffic patterns
  • You know what technical debt is - you are pragmatic and know when to make trade-offs between architectural purity and reality
  • You either know or are able to demonstrate that you can master the following:

  • Javascript (ES6) and Node.js
  • React, Angular or similar modern frontend libraries/frameworks
  • JavaScript testing frameworks
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • MongoDB, Postgresql, Redis
  • Amazon Web Services

  • You are experienced in modern delivery practices and tools, be it running a daily scrum, using Kanban boards as information radiators or rapidly iterating to achieve a MVP
  • You have at least 5 years engineering experience in software product companies. For at least 2 of these years you were in a role similar to this one

Bonus Points if you…

  • Have experience in organizing or competing in esports tournaments
  • Write blog posts
  • Do tech talks at local Vancouver events
  • Ran your own venture (even if it failed)
  • Have open source contributions


What you’ll get

  • Stock
  • Competitive salaries
  • Paid time off
  • Your choice of equipment (laptop)
  • Company sponsored tech talks and happy hours
  • Much more...

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Posted 16.01.2019